Hi! My name is Jens. I'm developing software of all kinds. Desktop-apps, APIs or backend stuff. Why? Creating software means unlimited creativity and unlimited solutions!
How I started programing...
I started programming when I were 8 or 9 years old. My first programming language was Microsoft's Visual Basic which made it easy to design all kinds of GUIs using Windows-Forms. Over the years I started playing Minecraft and this is where Java came in. I've developed several plugins and mods for Minecraft, most of them for personal use or for friends. Since then, Java is one of my favourite languages. Thanks to my school, I had two internships in different companies when I were in 10th grade. During my internship I got to know C# and PHP, both of which I'm using today.
Skills // Technologies
Java C# PHP Visual Basic JavaScript TypeScript Ruby NodeJS HTML CSS SCSS Smarty XML WPF MySQL Git Unix Windows OS X Linux OpenShift


and contributions

Spiget4PHP GitHub
Spiget4PHP is a PHP implementation of the spiget-api. Spiget4PHP is available on packagist and can be installed using composer.
Paramizer GitHub
Paramizer provides unix-like command interpretation for your Java application.
DiscHook GitHub
DiscHook is a java implementation of Discords webhook-system.
Janus GitHub
Janus is a tiny webservice that handles requests from behind a reverse proxy and redirects the user to configured websites.
And many more...
You can find all of my projects on GitHub using the link at the bottom of this page.

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